Who we are

For over a decade, Chabad Old Montreal & Griffintown has been a home for young professionals, the broader local community, tourists, and business people. Inspired by the Rebbe’s mission to address every aspect of Jewish life across all backgrounds and religious experience, our doors are open to all who enter. Our offerings include legendary Shabbat dinners, social soirees, holiday festivals, Torah lectures, and one-on-one counseling.

The Need

Through the visionary leadership of Rabbi & Mrs. Nissi & Chanie Gansbourg, the community has outgrown the iconic storefront on Notre Dame O, where Chabad is located today.

The overwhelming need for more space and a permanent home has become undeniable. Our synagogue and social hall simply isn’t big enough to host the eager tourists and young professionals knocking at our door. During this moment of global transition, it is essential we purchase this new building so we can open our doors wide enough for all who enter.

On Friday, April 30th,
we will be closing on a three story building
in the heart of Old Montreal & Griffintown.
We already raised $500,000 towards our $1.5 million goal
to secure this space.

We need your help to achieve our final goal so that
we can establish an everlasting
Jewish presence in Old Montreal & Griffintown.

The Space

Rabbi & Mrs. Nissi & Chanie have been canvassing Old Montreal for years to find a permanent home for the community. While following up on a lead last summer, Nissi walked into the three story building on 687 Rue Saint Paul O and immediately knew this would be it. The modern design and historic charm truly reflect the character of our community.

Prayer Sanctuary | Shul

Assemblage | Social Hall

Terrace | Lounge

Jewish Port Cafe | Exhibit & Visitor Center

Jewish Port Cafe

Montreal’s Jewish community dates back centuries. Its proud history is a unique tale of the diverse Jewish diaspora. The blending of communities from Eastern Europe and North Africa are perhaps unparalleled anywhere in the world, outside of Israel.

While our thriving community continues to evolve, many of Montreal’s 11 million tourists a year visit the Old Port without any exposure to the city’s rich Jewish history and culture. We want to change that.

Please consider making a one time contribution,
a recurring contribution, or a dedication to make this dream a reality.

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The Chabad Jewish Centre is dedicated to the Lubavitcher Rebbe whose blessings,
vision, and inspiration is the catalyst for this home of Torah, prayer, and loving-kindness.